Inspire imagination We were tired of sifting through internet for quality information that had meaning to our lives but was also fun and interesting. So we built this community website to inspire you with quality good news and encourage you to inspire us. Demand is there for quality information that is important to you, your family and society but is also entertaining and interesting. We wanted to build a community of quality meaningful content provided by you from trusted resources


  • NEWS that is focused on you, your family and society. Information that has a significant impact to improve your life. Not trendy 24 hour news cycle content.
  • Get people out of their bubbles share experience, become part of the crowd
  • PROVIDE information that has a broad appeal to a diverse community that has a broad appeal and impact.
  • CONNECT good people so that together we can affect change in our society by informing and inspiring people through crowdsourcing.
  • INSPIRE people to share ideas that benefit the community and be change agents
  • INFLUENCE people around the world to get involved to accomplish good things
  • SAFE and SECURE website that is not interested in selling your data or profiting from it
  • BUILD a new paradigm of trustworthy information that is important to Individuals, Family, Community
  • USELESS information where deception and profit are the only goals
  • QUALITY Content missing in the trendy 24 hour news cycle that is driven only by likes and tweets
  • INFORMATIVE but also fun and interesting makes you smile
  • CONVERSATIONS on how to solve society issues
  • SHARING Not be about making money but sharing it
  • COMMUNITY of innovators, influencers and disrupters inspiring people to do good things for the world
  • CELEBRATE humanity

Share benefits and profits


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