GATEAU PIMENT  –  Maritius

The Mauritian Food Gastronomy is translated proof of the rich diversity of its culture. We have inherited flavours from around the continent and made it into our own, from fine cuisine, rustic home cooked food to street food. If you have visited Mauritius you will certainly relate to this and if you intend to visit the beautiful island then believe me you will not be disappointed when it comes to cultures and cuisine. I often get asked, what is Mauritian food? I guess because Mauritius is such a popular destination we assume everyone know about its food. The Mauritian street food like in most countries has to be in my opinion the kind of food that reflects a country. And today we are not going too far fetch, as I want to share a favourite of most Mauritians and visitors to our beautiful Island – and in one guess many will shout out “gateau piment”. Gateau Piment or Mauritian Dal Fritters are a very easy snack recipe. It is probably one of the most popular snacks (or street food) in Mauritius. These beautiful little fritters crispy on the outside soft on the inside and as you bite in with a touch of two kinds of heat – one from the chillies and one from the heat. 


200g Yellow split peas2 Green Chilli
1 tsp Powdered Cumin
1 Spring onion
Handfull of chopped curry leaves or coriander
1pinch salt


Weigh out 200g of yellow split peas and soak overnight.
Chop up your coriander (including the stalk), chilli and spring onion.
In a food processor, pulse your split peas into a fine consistency, stopping often to scrape down the blender bowl.
Add in the coriander or curry leaves, chilli and cumin. Season to taste and continue to pulse until fine.
Heat up enough oil to deep fry. Meanwhile, shape the mixture into small balls.
Fry in batches until golden and cooked through. This took 4-5 minutes for me, but cooking times may vary.


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