The Countries Polluting The Oceans The Most | Statista

A team of researchers in the United States and Australia led by Jenna Jambeck, an environmental engineer at the University of Georgia, analyzed plastic...

2017 one of the hottest years on record

2017 was once again one of the hottest years on record, ranked as the second-warmest by NASA and third-warmest by the National Oceanic and...

Tesla actually built the world’s biggest battery. Here’s how it works. | Popular Science

It would be cool if the largest battery in the world were a giant AA cell, but this is what it actually looks like....

More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issue ‘warning to humanity’

Over 15,000 scientists signed an open letter published in BioScience warning humanity that we need to change our behaviours in order to protect the...

How pollution is changing the ocean’s chemisty

TED Talk - How pollution is changing the ocean's chemistry

Climate change is happening. Here’s how we adapt

TED Talks on global climate in change

Six irrefutable pieces of evidence that prove climate change is real

The facts are these: The climate of our planet is changing at a pace unlike anything seen in the natural fluctuations traced across geological...

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