Want to Live a Life 99% of Other People Will Envy? Read This Immediately.

Happy little boy standing on rock over bright sunset

Most people are not living the life they want right now.

Instead, most people are living the life that is expected of them, the one they think they should live. Their primary motivations are to keep up or look cool. In most cases, their own dreams are forfeited in the process.

As a result, their health is constantly drained — all this pretending is exhausting. Most people end up overindulging on media and substances to try and make up the difference. Their relationships suffer. Their vision is foggy and unfocused. Their emotional health is dangerously imbalanced.

Even those who look like they have it all together are often just faking it. As Seth Godin once wrote:

Envy isn’t a positive trait. “Time you spent being jealous of others’ success is time they spent working,” entrepreneur Jon Westenberg once wrote.

But you can design a life that turn heads and makes people wish they had what you do. Because although everyone’s definition of success is different, there are five common denominators. They are:



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