There are tough decisions that need to be made everyday, those are the issues surrounding daily events we explore and comment on here. Our politicians and leaders are not making them wisely, or at all. Good government based less on politics and more on the deliverer of services and the infrastructure. Government is for the people and not political aspirations.

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The GOOD News is there are other Social Networks to explore. More than a billion people have accounts on Facebook, but giant networks like that can actually make you miserable. Instead of quitting social media entirely, look beyond the big players: A more specialized small network might be a better...
GOOD News is Friends make you happy and healthy We're social creatures by nature who rely on one another, so we automatically seek out people to create substantial relationships. But how many friends do you need in your life? And how many can you actually have? GO TO VIDEO at LIFEHACKER You may...
Consider choosing what DNS service you use. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds. There is a small, simple step you can take right now that promises to make your online browsing faster and more private. It’s an active choice you can make, and it doesn’t require any advanced skill....
Traffic in New York is slowing down. Jams are endemic in Manhattan, especially in its business districts. Daytime traffic in the busiest areas now moves almost 20% more slowly than it did five years ago. It seems a place ripe for wide use of ride-hailing apps that, you might think,...
Teenagers today have unprecedented access to technology, and yet many report that they’ve never been so bored. There is a notion among older people that teens, with their smartphones and unlimited internet access, never experience boredom. CNN and other media outlets have repeatedly declared that smartphones have killed boredom as...

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