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Every year, the Academy Awards honors a musician with the Best Original Song Oscar, and almost every year, the Academy Award embarrasses itself. On the whole, the category, which was created in 1934, rewards compositions that pull at the heartstrings with an overly aggressive, occasionally life-threatening touch. The list of...
"The GOOD News is reading has immense potential to improve many parts of your life and longevity." Reading rewires parts of your brain. Maryanne Wolf explains in her book, Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain: Reading rewires parts of your brain. Maryanne Wolf explains in...
This is a good news story where artists collaborated to make a statement and save the ocean from some plastic waste. Five tons of plastic waste has been pulled from the oceans and transformed into the Bruges Whale, a gigantic sculpture that highlights the staggering amount of trash floating in...

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