The Best Popcorn Ever


From left, three popcorns a “cheesy” vegan popcorn, a coconut sugar caramel corn and a spicy pimento popcorn.

Using two to three times the amount of oil called for in most recipes, then tossing the extra-crisp kernels in dry seasonings so as not to soften the crunch.

Recommended proportions are a half-cup oil to one-third cup popcorn kernels. That’s more oil than corn.

As for the type of oil, grapeseed for its high smoke point and clean flavor, but sunflower, safflower, vegetable, canola and corn oils also work, as does ghee if you have it on hand.

Stick to dry toppings like ground spices, seeds, chiles, nutritional yeast, vegetable powders, seasoned salts and dehydrated herbs. Anything with a high moisture content (grated Parmesan, lemon zest, fresh herbs) will wilt your crunchy corn like water on a Cheeto.

Until, like me, they get hooked. Then there’s no going back.

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