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THC helps CBD—without getting you high

When considering the effects of cannabinoids on the body, it’s easy to focus on single compounds. Yet this hyperfocus on individual compounds may obscure the ways cannabinoids can be used in tandem to benefit a person’s wellbeing.

Few people need convincing to include CBD in their THC-rich therapies, but the opposite suggestion is a little more controversial. Could including THC in a CBD regimen produce a result that is more effective, or an experience that is more pleasant than CBD in isolation?

Frustratingly, many people view CBD as the “good cannabinoid” and THC as the “bad cannabinoid,” since it can be intoxicating. Yet the two compounds each have their benefits and drawbacks, appearing to act differently together than they do apart.

There is some evidence that indicates that THC and CBD work synergistically, and that a small amount of THC may enhance the effects of CBD without causing intoxication.




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