“This may be a bad political situation but here is some good news and people that see the truth about Canada and our Prime Minister”

American Twitter users are thanking Canada for hockey, poutine, Celine Dion and other cultural exports in the wake of the weekend trade quarrel between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump after the G7 summit in Quebec.

From Neil Young and Drake to poutine and northern hospitality, many of Canada’s internationally known trademarks became fodder for compliments on social media using the hashtags #ThankCanada and #ThanksCanada.

Music critic David Wild reacted to the conflict on Sunday by encouraging others to consider what Canada has given its U.S. neighbours.

“My Fellow Americans, let’s all #ThankCanada for things we love they’ve brought to our lives,” he wrote, naming a number of people, including Celine Dion, Leonard Cohen and comedy series SCTV.

 Canada’s House of Commons adopted an unusual unanimous resolution Monday backing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after he was harshly criticized by President Trump, while Americans lent support to their northern neighbor on Twitter through a special hashtag #ThankCanada.

The new tweets, which use the hashtags “#ThankCanada” and “#ThanksCanada,” mention a wide range of Canadian entertainment talent, while others simply acknowledge Canadian kindness. “#ThanksCanada for … Putting up with your crazy southern neighbors,” wrote U.S. user named Meara Larine early Monday.


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