If you have been watching the cannabis industry millions have been made investing early in the first wave of companies

There is a huge opportunity in the second wave of investment in craft growers who produce a quality product for discerning consumers. THAT’S US

Cannabis Micro Site License from Health Canada.

Our Unique Model :

  •    A Quality Cannabis product that is Uplifting and Therapeutic for Recreational and Medicinal users

  •    Reduced startup costs

  •    Flexible continuous production cycle

  •    Family Team experience of 55+ yrs

  •    Raised C$100k+

  •    Invested $90k and 5000 hrs in development

  •    Local Market Popularity

  •    Meets Health Canada rigid guidelines

  •    Ready to build out

  •    Franchising Opportunities

We have been given permission by Health Canada to move forward with the next step of building out our grow space.

This is where we need some financial assistance to complete the final step in the process.

We are offering you a unique opportunity to participate in the growing Cannabis Industry.

This is a limited time offer for this round of financing. We will be offering franchise opportunities for our business model in the future.

We provide a number investment options to meet your risk appetite.

Any size investment is acceptable.

Investor returns are expected to be double their original investment after three years and if we exceed our forcasted yield and cost per gram investors will be paid sooner than three years.

We hear about cannabis everyday in the news, from our friends and on the street. If you have watched the cannabis stocks over the last 5 years you have seen those stocks grow from pennies to over a hundred dollars per share. There are many new uses for medicinal cannabis and some of the most noted are those that have had a significant impact on glaucoma patients and dramatic results for children with seizures.


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Canadian Investment Network.

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Health Canada last October offered Canadians the opportunity to enter that market on a smaller scale meant for craft growers. Like craft brewers there is a demand for quality medicinal CBD cannabis and quality recreational cannabis. In our test samples given to friends and family our product quality has exceeded cannabis available in the Black market, Ontario Cannabis Store and major producers brands. Being a small producer, we have low overhead which allows use to focus our resources on producing a superior quality product that is Happy, Energetic and Uplifting at a reasonable price. That is our brand.  We will provide a product at a lower price than our competitors.

Our research has led us to strains that are Happy, Energetic and Uplifting our BUDBUD Brand but also produce a yield of over 100 grams per plant and are the same growth height for better production. We have also developed unique business model that allows to compete with the bigger brands

For our medicinal brand we will be growing CBD only strains and blends for patients that want a combination of both CBD and THC in varying amounts our MERITAGE BRAND.

WE are positioned to be one of the first to get a Micro Licence from Health Canada. This is a limited time offer for this round of financing.

If you would like to invest

CONTACT US at    slidetree@CROWDEEZE.COM     For a Investor Package



THE SLIDETREE Corporation also provides consulting services for persons wanting to apply for a cultivation, processing or medicinal sales licence and also for a Medicinal Grow Licence for individuals with a Medicinal Licence that want to grow their own.


We provide a package for Micro Licence Sites that will move you from the application process through site build to production.