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Aaaaa!!!!! – Phoenix Payroll Canada

Aaaaa!!!!!  –  Phoenix Payroll Canada
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I am Going Crazy

“Imagine if they did this in the airline industry planes would be raining from the sky.”

This is for all the GOOD It professionals out there in the workplace. These impostors need to be called out because they are ruining the reputation of all the people in this profession that are committed to doing amazing work.

To bring everyone up to speed the Phoenix Payroll system is used to pay every federally employed person in Canada. People have been overpaid, underpaid or not paid at all and why. I will get to the root cause.

According to Sahir Khan, executive vice-president of the Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy at the University of Ottawa, “As significant as this amount of money is already, a full accounting of departmental costs will be important to fully understand the lessons to be learned from this,” Khan said. This is the typical response of ex bureaucrat, now academic, lets feel good about our lessons learned, write a report and go back to the status quo.

The Phoenix payroll system software implementation is failing because everyone involved has lost perspective on how projects like this should follow a well established and historically successful process.  Everybody keeps blaming and whining but nobody has a solution. Yes there is one, Let the real IT Professionals follow the process and use Proven Project Methodology.

This has been in the news but the government keeps throwing money at it hoping the consultants will come through. Fat chance of that happening.

Enough of the of the incompetence lies and lack of responsibility, you are all failing miserably, and you know who you are.

First, To start off with the government should have hired a payroll service (There are many out the ADP, Ceridian etc) as a replacement or as a stop gap until the new system was in place.

Second and most important TEST, TEST, TEST in a test environment. I cant say it enough times. More on that later.

Third politicians or appointed bureaucrats should not be involved in Information technology decisions. Peoplesoft, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics all try to be everything to everybody and it doesn’t work 100% in almost all cases, thus the problem we are having. Can it be fixed, consultants will tell you yes because they are making millions and that is there style. They promise the world, promise to fix it and keep you on the hook for consulting fees, for ever, or until you TAP out.

A good consulting firm or responsible government IT folks would have explored more options or reported that profession payroll services or tried and proven payroll software would be a better solution and should be explored. I say all this because I have experience with all of the above as a IT professional.

Recently I have observed one of the largest travel companies deployment of a new website that was broken in minutes after launching, their deployment of a new phone system that also failed miserably. Another is a international manufacturing software company that works with Tier One auto parts suppliers and tests their new software releases on small manufacturing clients, because they have no test environment or regression testing. The AlertReady system that was deployed by Pelmorex Corp, failed to deliver messages to all cell phone users in that were undergoing testing. They should not have been testing in the public. I also have witnessed the big banks have the same issues with their product deployments. One of our largest cable companies recently deployed a new online customer service portal that was unavailable to customers for weeks.

I was extensively involved in the year 2000 projects with large corporations and governments and many other organizations where mission critical systems were involved and we did not have any failures, hickups or errors. This was because we followed proven project life cycle methodology and we TESTED, TESTED, TESTED in testing environments not in production.  You NEVER put anything into production until it has been tested with real or duplicate data in a test environment and it PASSES Period.

I blame the new the new crop of arrogant know it alls in IT that think they are masters of the code and don’t have to test. This is the very definition of being reactive instead of proactive. Senior management lacks in accountability but not enforcing simple testing practices  and project life cycles that have been around for decades.

Our government is helping IBM when it should be the other way around. All the politicians and bureaucrats are blaming each other. Where were these critics when this all started. It is so easy to blame but it takes strength, to take on the responsibility to lead a be a visionary and get the job done right.

Chris Aylward, vice-president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, said “the government’s contract with IBM failed to be specific about what needed to be done.”

This project failed and is still failing because we don’t have competent IT professionals with balls working in the government. Just Like at the airline I mentioned above, IT professionals need to have the gumption to stand up to senior management, owners, politicians and bureaucrats make them responsible for what they do.

“Call them out, take it to the shareholders, go public do what it takes to stop this happening over and over and ruining the reputation of the GOOD IT people out there everywhere.”


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