WE Need your HELP to build a CROWD of People that want to bring GOOD News to the Global Community.

Send this PAGE LINK to your friend’s, family and co-workers so more people can help make this social good site great.

Everybody has something they would like to SHARE, A Story, A Website, A Community Activity and more. New ideas that will benefit all communities and the people in them.

We are different because we allow you to share with the Global Community and not just your social contacts.

You may not like us but tell others they might.

The Goals

Be entertained with fun stuff

Be motivated by inspiring people

Be informed by quality meaningful content

Be educated by information that matters

Be amazed by creative vision

Be family oriented for you and children

“With inspiration comes hope”

We created this website because we found that there was so much negative news in mainstream media, politics, sensational news, viral videos that have no real benefit to our daily lives. Sensational entertainment that everybody is talking about but really has no benefit to pour lives. The world feels more fragmented than ever, which is why we want to help people to connect to good news.  All the bad news is demoralizing and is the leading cause of the growth of depression and suicide in our society.

Link to depression articles LINK

Good news is hard to find in the 24 hour news cycle. Google does not provide much either.

We need you help. Tell us about good people, organization businesses, artists, creators, designers that you encounter in your life.


We are trying to be proactive in our quest for good news. Bringing ideas to be proactive not reactive, sunscreen not sunburn. Do you want to be treated for cancer or take action to try and prevent it. Build your career options to advance your career or wait until you are displaced.  Plan your child’s future with the latest career trends.

“it is better to try something and fail than to not try at all”

We all want good news that helps us improve our lives, that is meaningful, interesting, fun and entertaining too. We provide good news that is meaningful to you and has a lasting effect on you. We all want to make money and save money. Have more meaningful relationship friends. Take care of our children. Vacation. Be entertained. Be happy. Family is so important to all of us, we want to bring you information to improve your family life.

The internet is making us more isolated we have built this to try and bring us together.


Everybody has something to share. We want you to be heard, be part of the democratic process, to do this we need people to join the crowd.  Tell us what makes you feel good.

In our daily lives we encounter things that are good and beneficial, we would like you to share that with us so we can share with everyone in the community.

“we are not afraid to challenge the norm if we can bring about change for good”

We are NOT:

Advertising, fake news, hate, porn, special interest groups, business promotion, conspiracy theories, 24 hour news cycle, publicity.

“What is Social Good?”

A social good is something that benefits the largest number of people in the largest possible way, such as clean air, clean water, healthcare and literacy. Also known as “common good,” social good can trace its history to ancient Greek philosophers and implies a positive impact on individuals or society in general. It also provides the basis for charity or philanthropic work.

Inspirational good solutions from your local community can be replicated in other communities and therefore have a broad collective impact on society.

“The answer is simple – make positive differences in other people’s lives.”

The more people that join the community the broader the impact we can all have on society.

We want to provide proactive solutions to issues that face our society.

Prevent cancer, housing costs, daycare costs, healthy eating not dieting,

“We are here to be successful, not rich. We will be successful because together we put good inspiring news into so many people’s hands and made a positive difference in the lives of the Global Community.”


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