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Holt Renfrew launches cannabis pop up in time for holidays

November 5, 2019

Facing the continued challenge of differentiating its brand from those of other cannabis producers and retailers, Canopy announced two moves designed to make its products synonymous with luxury.

Canopy’s first choice was teaming up with venerable high-end department store Holt Renfrew (once furriers to the British Monarchy) to create a line of holiday-themed cannabis accessories.

These accessories will be sold via 19+ pop-up shops inside Holt Renfrew locations in Toronto and Vancouver—though they will be conspicuously absent from Holt Renfrew’s former Art Deco headquarters in Montreal.

(This is likely due to concern about running afoul of Quebec’s notably strict laws against the sale of products bearing images or words associated with cannabis, as well as laws demanding smoking implements be hidden from sight until patrons ask about them.)




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