EU proposes ban single-use plastics – WHY Not CANADA?


The European Union is proposing a ban on single-use plastics to help protect marine life.

The proposals are aimed at outlawing many commonplace plastic items including straws, cotton buds, cutlery, balloon sticks and drink stirrers.

The governing body also wants almost all plastic bottles to be collected for recycling by 2025.

“Today’s proposals will reduce single-use plastics on our supermarket shelves through a range of measures.

“We will ban some of these items and substitute them with cleaner alternatives, so people can still use their favourite products.”

The EU’s proposals are targeting disposable food containers and dining ware, from plastic plates and cups, to packaging for food products such as fast-food.

Incentives will be given to producers to encourage them to make disposable plastic products out of sustainable materials instead.

Companies that produce plastic products might also be required to contribute to waste disposal costs – for example, getting the makers of plastic fishing gear to pay for the cost of collecting waste from a port.

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