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Epic Road Trip Through BC Canada

Epic Road Trip Through BC Canada

“We should totally go on a road trip this summer”

This trip has been divided into two maps¬†¬†MAP ONE¬†and¬† MAP TWO¬† so you can do half of it one weekend and half of it the following.¬†Or if you’re savage¬†enough, you can do the whole thing in one go!

Start off strong with a morning/afternoon picnic at Whytcliff Park. Only the real pros can make it all the way to the island in the middle of the water.

This is one of the most famous hikes (or gondolas) in BC with a view to die for, and if you’ve never been, it’s an absolute must do this summer.

Though it may look cold, Garibaldi lake is a great place to hike and swim. Who could pass up an opportunity to swim in a glacial lake?!

More of a short nature walk than a hike, Brandywine Falls is great for the laid back outdoor enthusiasts out there.

There’re¬†a million things to do in Whistler but zip-lining through the trees and mountains definitely sounds like a worthwhile stop.

60 meter high waterfalls and an easy 1.5km hike to the viewpoint? We definitely suggest extending your stay and camping here overnight.

If you want to relax and be one with nature for a while, then an early morning trip here is hard to beat.

Overlooked by the cliffs of Marble Canyon, this crystal clear water lake is a good spot to stop for some lunch and a swim if you’re on your way to Kamloops.

Whether you’re here for the vineyards or Mcarthur Island Park, don’t forget to drop by the lake before you go! And if you really want to have a good time, rent a boat for the day from here!

As one of the pioneering wineries in BC, CedarCreek is exactly what you need to start your Saturday morning off right with some nice wine, and great views.

The point linked on the map, Coyote Cruises, is the starting point¬†of this 7km lazy river. Anybody looking to spend a day of relaxation and cracking a couple cold ones, should definitely consider this. And if you don’t have a tube to float on you can rent them for $6/person!

Who doesn’t want to¬†drink fine wine in a castle¬†on top of a hill, overlooking a beautiful vineyard and rolling hills? That’s what we thought, we’ll see you there.

Binge drink taste wine and enjoy lunch relaxing by an incredible view. This is a great stop if you’ve got a group with you!

Renting boats and floating around Osoyoos lake is a bomb way to spend a weekend with friends, definitely suggest a larger group because there’re¬†plenty of hotels¬†that are quite close to, or on the lake to make shenanigans relaxation that much easier.

Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park, otherwise known as the Othello Tunnels, are an engineering marvel. It was a railway, now a walking trail, that goes straight through the mountains and leads to the Coquihalla pass. A nearby marvel everyone should see.

After a long road trip who doesn’t want to relax a bit? From pools, to hot springs, to a convenient on location restaurant, Harrison Hot Springs is the way you should unwind after all that exploring because, hey, you deserve it.

If you’re on your way back and still feel like you need a little bit more nature, stop by Buntzen Lake. A leisure hiking trail surrounds the lake, as well, there is a great picnic area near the parking lot to post up and relax at before the end of your trip.

The land of constant opportunity and adventure. The city that really does encompass the phrase “Beautiful British Columbia”. Welcome back! You made it! And if you haven’t completed this list, then you absolutely¬†need¬†to make plans to do so!

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