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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]We are promoting the importance of family We believe we have to be responsible in that effort by not being greedy along the way to success. Greed is one of the core issues that is destroying our society. Yes we need leaders that control the direction of society but there is no reason for them to get excessively rich doing so. Getting enormously wealthy means that they are taking more from societies families.

Therefore even though we are a Public Corporation, we will operate like a non Profit.

  • The team will be paid wages relative the median of society.
  • We will endure to keep the corporate cost down to the bare essentials. We do not need corporate offices when we can all work in the cloud as we do today.
  • We will try and find sponsors and donations
  • We will allow investors to purchase 49% of our share capital so that we can fund our continuing operation.
  • We will have advertisers that have demonstrated that they are family oriented and also want to improve society. Their products and services will be best of class and fit into the goals of CROWDEEZE Brand and Slidetree Corporation.
  • We will share a 30% of all revenue generated will all people who contribute to the community, by being interns, curators or just create content that can be shared with the community. There will be a formula that will allow for fair an equitable distribution.

The Goals

  • Be entertained with fun stuff
  • Be motivated by inspiring people
  • Be informed by quality meaningful content
  • Be educated by information that matters
  • Be amazed by creative vision
  • Be family oriented for you and children
  • Be responsible with curated content

More Information About Our Goals





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