Imagine a refreshing website that informs you with inspiring, quality crowdsourced information from trusted sources. A place that good people that are passionate can share inspiring, creative, innovative, meaningful, interesting, informative, entertaining and amazing GOOD news.

We bring you FUN, ENTERTAINING, INTERESTING, INSPIRING and INFORMATIVE QUALITY EXPERIENCE website where you can have a enjoyable experience that will keep you coming back for more. (NEW DAILY CONTENT)

We are the bright spot in a world consumed by the sensational 24 hour news cycle of bad news. This is a place to come to find positive, happy inspiring news from people who are making a difference everyday. Help us find the people and the news that are making the world a better place.

MORE important where you make it your own by posting your own content or share content to improve the community  experience.

So often for many of us we spend a lot of time finding the answer to a question or problem or we are passionate about something and we would like to share that. Well this is the place.

Each POST should Have:

  • A description of why this is a Quality post.
  • A WOW factor
  • New content that will important today, tomorrow and so on.
  • Summary of a group of topics
  • New content that impacts as many lives as possible
  • Best of, most popular, Broad Appeal
  • A deepdive into a subject to find the deep information
  • Sites that deliver what they promise
  • Short and concise
  • Doesn’t leave you with questions
  • Doesn’t make you read to the end of the article to find no answer just more questions
  • The story for all not just one person, one region or country

We will endeavour to continue to provide a site free from advertising except where it is to support the submitted content, like a product. Ads will never show up on the home browsing page


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