Chrystia Freeland takes on Trump


‘Facts matter. Truth matters’

“It is why the far wiser path — and the more enduring one — is to strengthen our existing alliance of liberal democracies. To hold the door open to new friends,” she said, adding America’s peace and prosperity is secured when that of its allies is as well.

Freeland reiterated Canada’s strong opposition to the American president’s steel and aluminum tariffs after meeting with the influential U.S. Senate foreign relations committee in Washington on Capitol Hill.

The minister stayed above the fray on those attacks, but she did not hesitate to repeat Canada’s opposition to the tariffs in the bluntest of terms

U.S. administration’s tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum are a naked example of the United States putting its thumb on the scale, in violation of the very rules it helped to write.”

She won applause when she said, “preserving Lincoln’s vision” means fighting back against those who try to hijack democracy.

“Facts matter. Truth matters. Competence and honesty, among elected leaders and in our public service, matter.”

“The Section 232 action — which is, let me remind people, a national security consideration — is frankly absurd,” Freeland said on Capitol Hill after the meeting.

“That action is also illegal under the WTO and NAFTA rules.”

Freeland never mentioned Trump by name.

Freeland’s Full Speech


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