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Food and beverages glide down to the guests on a roller coaster system consisting of stainless steel tracks and roller tracks with loops, steep turns and multi spirals in...

French graffiti artist with a Xerox conquered the art world

He was 65ft tall. The image, which went viral, was the latest politically charged piece from J R, the French artist whose giant photographic works, pasted on buildings or scaffolding,...

Diamond Tower – The Skyscraper Center

Tallest buildings around the world

On This Day in History

Search the world's largest, most accurate site for today in history. Look up your birth date or a special day and see what happened that day in history.  

This giant kinetic face sculpture

The sculpture, called K., is an amazing feat of technology and design, created by Czech artist David Černý. 42 individual plates of stainless steel, 38 of which move in...