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Tuesday, August 4 2020


THE FASTEST CAR IN THE WORLD    1 technology in 25 limited editions A Koenigsegg Agera RS     THE HIGHEST TOP SPEED FOR A PRODUCTION VEHICLE Calculated using an average...

Google Chrome’s now blocks dodgy ads by default. Which is great for Google

Chrome's ad blocker launches today. It's aim? To clear the web of annoying adverts. In reality it may help to grow Google's ad revenue further Online advertising is broken. Pop-ups...


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Blockchain and cryptocurrency: Everything you need to know

This is part of "Blockchain Decoded," a series looking at the impact of blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency on our lives.  READ MORE HERE     

The Chrome Extensions the WIRED Staff Can’t Live Without

Nearly two-thirds of internet users turn to Chrome for their browsing needs, but far fewer take full advantage of its available extensions, the add-ons that elevate it from good...

This Is How Life Was 50 Years Ago

Although Barclays introduced the world's first automated teller machine in London in 1967, ATMs didn't make their way across the big pond until 1969.   READ MORE HERE    

Arthur Mamou-Mani, temple architect for Burning Man 2018

A week later, they leave the desert without a trace.They come for Burning Man, a 10-day festival dedicated to community, where attendees are asked to follow a set of...

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Facebook totally meant to lose a million daily users

Facebook lost daily users for the first time ever in the U.S. and Canada. CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he meant for that to happen. During yesterday’s Q4 earnings report...