Wednesday, August 14 2019

App Delivers Leftover Food To The Hungry, Instead of the Landfill

Food waste is a HUGE issues in our society. Goodr is an app that helps with that problem. Diverting food from landfills to those in need. “Hunger is not a...

Food Waste to Fashion Clothing

Around the world, people eat around 100 billion bananas every year. That creates around 270 million tons of waste–from peels to stalks–which are often burned or left to rot....

Mushrooms might save the world—if they don’t kill us first

Scientists are also researching fungal enzymes and their ability to recycle trash and remediate damaged earth. In 2011, researchers published a much-discussed paper on isolates of the rare fungus...

The world’s most popular banana is dying

An insidious fungus known as fusarium wilt has wiped out tens of thousands of acres of Cavendish plantations in Australia and Southeast Asia over the past decade. And the...

The disease that could change how we drink coffee

For years, researchers in Colombia have been engaged in a little-known battle against a disease that could disrupt coffee drinking everywhere.  

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