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Friday, June 5 2020

How Psychopaths See the World

It’s not that they can’t consider other people’s perspectives. It’s that they don’t do so automatically. It’s a rare person who goes out of their way to spend time with...

Portable brain-imaging system to help identify concussions

The University of Calgary device uses infrared to scan the brain, which could hopefully help determine the extent of damage and the long-term consequences of concussions. READ MORE HERE

Anti-depressants: Major study finds they work – BBC News

Scientists say they have settled one of medicine's biggest debates after a huge study found that anti-depressants work. READ MORE HERE  

Alzheimer’s Plaques Erased in Mice—What’s Next?

Now more than ever, Alzheimer's disease poses an enormous burden. The neurodegenerative disease afflicts more than five million Americans, robbing them of their memories and placing strain and heartache...

Five myths about loneliness

At some point in our lives, the chances are that you and I will feel lonely. It’s a problem that’s getting a lot of coverage at the moment...........READ MORE...