Reebok’s Shape-Shifting Sports Bra

While the active wear industry floods the market with hundreds of different sports bras every season, research shows that most female consumers are unsatisfied...

Food Waste to Fashion Clothing

Around the world, people eat around 100 billion bananas every year. That creates around 270 million tons of waste–from peels to stalks–which are often...

Food waste into clothing fibers

Don’t throw it out — throw it on. The Agraloop Bio-Refinery, a new technology developed by materials science company Circular Systems S.P.C., is capable...

Adidas Made 2 Million Sneakers out of Waste Plastic

Each shoe uses an average of 11 plastic bottles per pair and incorporates recycled plastic into the shoe's laces, heel webbing, heel lining, and...

The woman who brought skull watches back to life

When design student Fiona Krüger first knocked on the door of Swiss watchmakers six years ago, few were willing to give her the time...

The hype machine: Streetwear and the business of scarcity

Streetwear brands are using scarcity and social media hype to supercharge the traditional supply-and-demand model – and fuelling a remarkably lucrative resale industry in...

26 Skin Care Products Under $10 Your Face Will Thank You For

Cleansing water, sheets masks, pore refining toner, and carbonated clay masks, and more... all for under $10!  

12 INSANE WATCHES You Won’t Believe Exist

IF THE VIDEO DOESN'T START CLICK HERE From miniature moving bird sculptures to solar systems on your wrist, check out these 12 insane watches you...

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American Made Automatic & Mechanical Big Chronographs Classic Colorful Conversation Starters  

This Stylish Wooden Word Watch Lights Up To Tell You the Time

If you aren’t familiar with a word watch (I wasn’t either), it’s a big grid of words that light up to spell out the time...


Festivals TODAY 2018

Today, our calendar presents 55 festivals. There are festivals in 9 categories that take place in 55 cities of 35 countries. They attract thousands...

Today is ????


Recipes for Malted Milk Lovers

What is Malted Milk Anyways Malted milk is a powdered gruel made from a mixture of malted barley, wheat flour, and evaporated whole milk. Malt powder...

Blanquette de Veau