No Children Because of Climate Change? Some People Are Considering It

Add this to the list of decisions affected by climate change: Should I have children? READ MORE HERE

“This Is Serious”: Facebook Begins Its Downward Spiral

From a business standpoint, Facebook’s barbarism seemed to work out well for the company. The social network is worth over half-a-trillion dollars, and Zuckerberg himself is worth some $76...

Finally, staying in is good for the environment

Crupi, 52, is one of a growing number of Americans embracing the great indoors. While the rise of streaming video services and online shopping is driving down movie theater...

10 Video Websites for Kids That Are Safe and Fun

So here are ten online video streaming websites for kids that are closest to a responsible parent’s heart, and of course the kid’s. Kids represent a large slice of the...

How websites are experimenting on you

Websites are using hidden tricks to make you click or buy without realising, and the way they do it can be both baffling and controversial, finds Chris Baraniuk.  

The invisible ways Facebook is affecting our choices

Whether it’s using Facebook or Google, our choices are subtly nudged by the human biases acting behind the scenes, argues Tom Chatfield.  

Flu season 2018: Why it got so bad

Just look at how 2017 compares to the past two years in this GIF showing levels of flu activity — from sporadic to widespread — in the last week...

Facebook and YouTube are winning the war for our attention

The underlying principle is simple: Where the attention goes, the money will inevitably follow. And right now, the attention of a large chunk of the population is being diverted...

Different American English dialects, in 27 fascinating maps

Do you drink soda, or do you call it pop? Do you wear sneakers, or tennis shoes? The answers vary depending on where you ask the question.

What Foods Kids Eat Around the World in Photos

In the face of rising global obesity, Sensing a sea change in Western attitudes about diet and the effects of junk food, fast food companies have begun investing heavily...

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