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Saturday, October 31 2020

Stunning Black-Light-Responsive Tattoos

While UV-responsive tattoos are still fairly rare (many people don’t want to bother with ink that’s almost never going to be seen), they can offer a unique way to...

Living statues festival wows Romania’s capital

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Wait, did that statue really move? It may have been the question many people asked while taking a walk in Bucharest over the past week, during...

Being Your CREATIVE Best

One must realize that the idea and inspiration for a piece of work comes from many sources at once. Every new idea is just a mashup or a remix...

SYDNEY Lights Up for VIVID

Sydney lights up for Vivid The Berejiklian government is hoping to outdo last year's record of 2.33 million attendees over the course of the 23-day festival, which runs until June...

23-Year-Old Draws Herself In 50 Different Cartoon Styles

GO TO CARTOONS Drawing is already hard as it is and not many of us are proud of our artistic skills, but imagine being so good at drawing that you...

The Gambian village transformed by graffiti

The Belgian graffiti artist ROA is known for painting huge murals of animals on multi-storey buildings in large cities, like London, Berlin and Mexico City. But in the village...

The woman who brought skull watches back to life

When design student Fiona Krüger first knocked on the door of Swiss watchmakers six years ago, few were willing to give her the time of day. The 32-year-old, from Airdrie...

The strange power of the ‘evil eye’

When it comes to warding off the mystic malevolent forces of the world, there is perhaps no charm more recognised or renowned than the ‘evil eye’. Ubiquitous in its...

5pointz graffiti trial: New York artists sue real estate developer

Graffiti’s transformation from a kind of vandalism to a high art form is almost complete. In the last half century, street art has evolved from a stain on neighborhoods...