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Friday, June 5 2020

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

“Sleep Is The Best Meditation” — The Dalai Lama As important as it is to start your day the right way , it is equally important to settle out the end of...

Chrystia Freeland takes on Trump

'Facts matter. Truth matters' “It is why the far wiser path — and the more enduring one — is to strengthen our existing alliance of liberal democracies. To hold the...

Why the end of the world’s most popular coffee could be nigh

Unfortunately for the coffee world, arabica is also genetically predisposed for extinction. Cultivated arabica plants have a genetic diversity of just 1.2%, compared with more than 20% for crops...

Plastic Whale

This is a good news story where artists collaborated to make a statement and save the ocean from some plastic waste. Five tons of plastic waste has been pulled from...

The hype machine: Streetwear and the business of scarcity

Streetwear brands are using scarcity and social media hype to supercharge the traditional supply-and-demand model – and fuelling a remarkably lucrative resale industry in the process....    READ MORE HERE

Center for Humane Technology

Technology is hijacking our minds and society. Technology that tears apart our common reality and truth, constantly shreds our attention, or causes us to feel isolated makes it impossible to...

Blood Sugar Tattoo

Having type 1 or 2 diabetes requires a person to always know what their blood sugar levels are. This normally takes time and can be quite invasive – normally people prick...

Publicly-Traded Global Tobacco Company Bets on Cannabis

Alliance One International (NYSE: AOI), a global contractor, processor and supplier of tobacco, announced today that it is entering the U.S. industrial hemp industry and taking controlling stakes in...