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Wednesday, February 19 2020

23-Year-Old Draws Herself In 50 Different Cartoon Styles

GO TO CARTOONS Drawing is already hard as it is and not many of us are proud of our artistic skills, but imagine being so good at drawing that you...

Diamond Tower – The Skyscraper Center

Tallest buildings around the world

This Is How Life Was 50 Years Ago

Although Barclays introduced the world's first automated teller machine in London in 1967, ATMs didn't make their way across the big pond until 1969.   READ MORE HERE    

This giant kinetic face sculpture

The sculpture, called K., is an amazing feat of technology and design, created by Czech artist David Černý. 42 individual plates of stainless steel, 38 of which move in...

Best Way To Look at the Weather

GO TO SITE Really Cool Website you have to have a look.

Surfer rides monster wave off the coast of Portugal

Surfer rides monster wave off the coast of Portugal Surfer Sebastian Steudtner caught a monster wave off the coast of Portugal on January 18, as seen in this spectacular...

5pointz graffiti trial: New York artists sue real estate developer

Graffiti’s transformation from a kind of vandalism to a high art form is almost complete. In the last half century, street art has evolved from a stain on neighborhoods...

Flying the longest zip wire in East Africa

The Flying Fox stretches across more than 2.2km (1.4 miles) of forest and can reach speeds of 70 km/h (45 mph).   READ MORE HERE    

Meet the agoraphobic globetrotter who uses Street View to ‘travel’ the world

Jacqui Kenny, a London-based photography enthusiast, has captured some of the most striking corners of the world, from Mexico and Chile to Kyrgyzstan and Russia to West Africa and...


It’s freezing cold in PyeongChang, South Korea. When more than 1,200 Intel Shooting Star drones fly into the night, in a record-breaking performance. Follow the drone team’s journey to...