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Wednesday, June 3 2020

The eight-day guide to a better digital life

Your apps, search engines and social networks know hidden things about you that even your closest friends might not. To find out just how much, Sophia Smith Galer tries...

Crazy Photos of Cats on Catnip

Photographer Andrew Marttila has a job that would make any animal lover swoon: he specializes in capturing the cuteness and quirks of our feline friends. "An incredibly unique quality of...

The Millennial hipster is in terminal decline. The travel industry must respond

I am suffering from a strange new Millennial affliction. Pulled pork gives me indigestion. Ironic T-shirts make me sick. Selfies have become an embarrassing practice from my near-youth, along...

Facebook admits that social media can be bad for democracy – The Verge

Facebook’s ongoing attempt to reckon with its impact on civil life continued today with the company acknowledging that its platform is not always good for democracy.  

MeteoEarth.com – Interactive 3D globe brings weather to life

Global weather overlays     GO TO SITE  

Why you shouldn’t try to be a morning person

We’ve all heard it before: to be successful, get out of bed early. After all, Apple CEO Tim Cook gets up at 3:45am, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne at 3:30am...

5 Extreme Acts of Greed that Screw the American People

Examples of extreme inequality are becoming easier to find. Americans - especially young Americans - need to know the facts, and they need to know how they're getting cheated, and...

Images of clouds on Jupiter

The probe gets relatively close to the gas giant and takes new photos with its JunoCam instrument roughly every 53 days while traveling at up to 130,000 mph.  

Bitcoin Could Break the Internet

BAD FOR INVESTORS. In a withering 24-page article released Sunday as part of its annual economic report, the Bank for International Settlements BIS said Bitcoin suffered from “a range of shortcomings” that...

Net Neutrality Rules Will Start To Die On April 23

With the Federal Communication Commission’s order gutting net neutrality rules officially entering the Federal Register today, people and groups in favor of the rules are gearing up for a...