The 10 most beautiful ceilings in the world

Some of the world’s most glorious sights can only be experienced if you crane your neck. Jonathan Glancey looks up.

These Incredible Paintings Will Both Amaze And Confuse You

There is no surprise the artist is very much inspired by artists Dali and Tanguy and once he learned of their work he immediately...

Historic Album Covers Cleverly Superimposed Over the Same Locations As They Appear in Present Day

The exact locations of album cover photos and other visuals of pop history and how a Pop Culture Detective tracks them down.  

Naked & Famous Denim | Rare & Raw Japanese Denim

The Naked & Famous Denim MIJ3 is the latest addition to our ultra-premium Made in Japan series of jeans.  This Spring Summer 2016 model...

29th International Kite Festival begins in Ahmedabad

Uttarayan, the kite festival is held annually on the city’s Sabarmati riverfront.

Artists and artworks at The Glass Room

What is personal data in an age where data is everything but personal? The Glass Room is a space for reflection, experimentation and play...

19 People Whose Handwriting Is So Good It Actually Might Calm You Down

Prediction for 2018: Typing is out; handwriting is in.  

Garip Ay Oil and Water Art

Turkish artist Garip Ay paints on water using a traditional technique called Ebru – also known as paper marbling. He painted characters from Netflix series Narcos,...

French graffiti artist with a Xerox conquered the art world

He was 65ft tall. The image, which went viral, was the latest politically charged piece from J R, the French artist whose giant photographic works,...

This giant kinetic face sculpture

The sculpture, called K., is an amazing feat of technology and design, created by Czech artist David Černý. 42 individual plates of stainless steel,...

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