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We are looking to hire:


  • We need curators and moderators to ensure quality content.
  • We need creative designers to improve design and development.
  • We need people to submit content full of inspirational ideas.

We all want good news that helps us improve our lives, that is meaningful, interesting, fun and entertaining.


Our goal is to build a crowd that wants a better life for family friends and community.


We want to inspire people to create, promote education and engage the community.


Like all social media sites you can share your ideas and what inspires you.


We curate all the content to prevent the bad things


A place to inspire imagination and creativity.


We created this site so people could share information that they are passionate about. This is a place where you can add your voice to the community. Make a difference. Help people not just in your community but around the world.


That’s why we are looking for content that has a broad impact on our society and has a lasting effect and not just the 24 hour news cycle. We have all had the opportunity to learn something important through experience or research. We want you to share that information and experience with the broader community so other people can benefit from it.


Bringing ideas to be proactive not reactive, sunscreen not sunburn

Do you want to be treated for cancer or take action to try and prevent it,

Build your career options to advance your career or wait until you are displaced

Plan your child’s future with the latest career paths.

There is a lot of good news out there but it is hard to find in one place.

“So come Join us and let’s Build a Community”

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