We are here to provide information on how to change your body and mind for the better. The stories of contributors will help you see what has worked for them and give you options you can explore. I changed my body and mind after almost dying. That is where we will start. There will be regular posts of new ideas I am trying and how they work. Other contributors will also build on what works for them

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When we stop for a moment to try and understand our children and their unique needs, we can communicate better with them and get frustrated less frequently. I learned this from working at a preschool for many years, and am now applying it to my own child.  READ MORE HERE    
If you want to see how a proposed drug affects human physiology, your options are limited — and usually you end up using mice, which are in many ways poor analogues. What’s a pharmacologist to do? MIT researchers have a solution: a “body on a chip” that simulates up...
Doctors are finding one way that sugar can benefit your health: it may help heal wounds when antibiotics fail. View image of Concern over antibiotic resistance has increased interest in other treatments To treat a wound with sugar, all you do, Murandu says, is pour the sugar on the wound and...
The wave of consolidation in Canada's cannabis industry continued Monday with Aphria striking a near-billion dollar takeover agreement with Nuuvera.  
This GOOD News for countries where the spread disease by mosquitoes is rampant. The Aedes aegypti mosquito spreads diseases such as dengue, yellow fever, zika virus and chikungunya, making hundreds of millions of people sick in more than 120 countries each year. A CSIRO (The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)...

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This is the 5th attempt at a fruit and nut bar for before the gym. Keeps getting better. INGREDIENTS 1 cup sunflower seeds 2 cups...

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These articles are created and curated by passionate people, that want to share their knowledge and the research of others. The stories are submitted by individuals who have changed their lives. They want to share how they did it and the resources they used.

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