We are here to provide information on how to change your body and my for the better. The stories of contributors will help you see what has worked for them and maybe work for you. I changed my body and mind after almost dying. That is where we will start. There will be regular posts of new ideas i am trying and how they work. Other contributors will also build on what works for them

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This is a First in a Ongoing Series on How Important Grandparents Are to Children With falling fertility and the demographic ageing of Western industrialized societies, family networks are changing from broad/horizontal to narrow/vertical structures or ‘beanpole families’, in which grandparents arguably have an increasingly important role to play (Hagestad,...
Hiku is excited to bring its award winning retail experience to  Manitoba  and  Manitoba  cannabis consumers. The Company commends the leadership shown by the Province of  Manitoba  in setting up a competitive, privatized cannabis retail system to ensure the responsible management of cannabis distribution and sales within the province...
Let's start with the people who are interested in doing that tinkering. Scientists are now able to edit genes from organisms. Gene editing has already been used for some devastating illnesses - with great success. However, it is often lengthy and costly.  
There are two commonly diagnosed types of bipolar disorder, a mental illness characterized by mood swings from emotional highs to lows. People with bipolar I have depression alternating with severely elevated mood, or mania. Bipolar II is much more common, and is marked by less severe manic symptoms, called...
Social media is having a worrying impact on sleep; we reveal the crucial time to stay away from it.  

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This is the 5th attempt at a fruit and nut bar for before the gym. Keeps getting better. INGREDIENTS 1 cup sunflower seeds 2 cups...

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These articles are created and curated by passionate people, that want to share their knowledge and the research of others. The stories are submitted by individuals who have changed their lives. They want to share how they did it and the resources they used.

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