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Welcome to RD’s Southern BBQ. At RD’s we take great pride in sharing with our customers a true, authentic southern barbecue experience.

American barbecue is deeply rooted in the Caribbean cooking style, and was brought to the north by Spanish conquistadors. The first indigenous tribes Christopher Columbus encountered on the Island of Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic) had developed a unique method for cooking meat in a hole underground (known today as pit or smoker), covered with hot stones and green wood to cook the meat.

The main protein staples that were used for this pit cooking were pork, chicken and goat. On some occasions fish replaced the traditional staples. Corn, collard greens, beans, plantain and a wide variety of vegetables from the island also were part of the diet.

How it all came to be…

In the U.S.A., after the Civil War, many barbeque stands sprang up along road sides through the South, mostly run by freed men anxious to make a living in the depressed, Southern States. A few pioneers enhanced the art of cooking barbeque in America by teaching others their craft they, who in turn opened some of the most famous barbeque restaurants in the country.

In the late 1920s restaurants started to serve barbeque dishes and it grew in popularity throughout the Deep South of America.
With the invention of new equipment, techniques, products and recipes, also through family traditions and shared recipes, southern barbeque found its way north of the border and the rest of the World.

Today, RD’s Southern BBQ takes great pride in bringing to you, the very best of the southern barbeque tradition. Remember at RD’s, we cook it slow and low.



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