App Delivers Leftover Food To The Hungry, Instead of the Landfill


Food waste is a HUGE issues in our society. Goodr is an app that helps with that problem. Diverting food from landfills to those in need.

“Hunger is not a scarcity issue. There’s more than enough food. It’s actually a logistics issue,” she says. After all, many restaurants, catering, and event companies often end up with plenty of leftovers, but don’t want to cost or liability of figuring out how to donate and deliver them to those in need. At the same time, those in need–not just the homeless, but also low-income families and the elderly–may not have the time or transportation to plug into existing free-meal services or food banks in their area.

Goodr solves that through an app that allows its clients to signal that there’s a surplus ready to be collected. The company provides its own packaging (when needed) and transport for each item and logs every part of the transaction via the blockchain, creating an unalterable digital ledger that shows food providers who ultimately received their goods, and where they ended up being consumed. Beneficiaries can also access a shared dashboard to share testimonials with the donors.

So far, the company claims to have diverted 900,000 pounds food—about 850,000 meals. In some cases, that’s premade sandwiches, but it’s also bulk ingredients, which community groups figure out how to use.

Goodr’s tracks the quantity weight of each delivery in order to estimate each participant’s environmental impact (what’s not going to landfill), and financial bonus (both lower trash-disposal fees, and can be written off as a donation). Goodr charges companies a variable fee based on pickup volume. That can range from $2,500 to $15,000 a month, with a la carte pricing for things like galas and weddings. Crowe estimates for every dollar spent on her services, she can save a company $14 in saved costs and tax deductions.

So far, she’s used local and national business accelerators and incubation competitions to bootstrap capital. That includes winning the United Way Spark Prize for $15,000 in funding, and Miller Lite Tap the Future contest for another $21,000, among other top finishes. In February 2018, Goodr was accepted into the virtual accelerator Techstars Anywhere and continues to work on how to expand and grow revenue.

The company currently generates about $30,000 a month in revenue (and estimates it has saved clients well over $2.5 million). The goal is to generate $1 million in revenue annually within the next year and then expand to another city. (Washington, D.C., Orlando, Las Vegas, and Chicago make the shortlist.) Goodr is also in the process of converting to a certified B Corp, and testing the next step in quality control: geo-tag beacons currently ride with some deliveries to report any temperature fluctuations and map how quickly the food moves from start to finish.



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